Up do (detailed and elaborate style on clean, dry hair only)
from $90

Hair Up (pony tail, bun or basic braid styles on clean, dry hair only)

Blow wave (wash, massage and blow dry)

Specialised Blow Wave (wash, blow dry and styling irons or curling wands to achieve desired finish)

Blow wave & Braid

Fresh hair style only

Mini me Style (under 14 yrs)

Check out our hair look book here


Full face

Full face + lashes

Eyes only

Eyes only + lashes

Lashes only

Mini me make-up (under 14 yrs)

Check out our make-up look book here




Pomegranate Peel - $95
A gentle exfoliation treatment suitable for all skin types and conditions, especially a young or sensitive skin, this peel leaves the skin radiant and renewed.

Lactobotanical Peel - $95
A powerful, yet gentle exfoliation and deep hydration treatment. Perfect for buffing away impurities, reducing hyper pigmentation and fine lines and improving clarity and hydration in the skin. 

Oxygenating Peel - $95
An excellent conditioning boost of oxygen for all skin types. This treatment targets impurities, breakouts and pigment whilst hydrating, softening and soothing sensitive and dull skins. The perfect peel for performing extractions on congested skins.

Benefit Peel - $140
An all purpose peel that resurfaces, corrects and protects the skin. Packed with fruit enzymes, Vitamin A and Vitamin C it is the perfect powerhouse for hyper pigmentation, fine lines and dullness. Instant radiant and glowing skin, a perfect pick me up before a big event with lasting benefits.

Essential Peptide Peel- $130
A gentle metabolic treatment with a potent peptide and stem cell blend that exfoliates and nourishes the skin, reducing signs of ageing to unveil a brighter, supplier skin. Strengthen the skin from within, this peel is perfect for those in need of strength and change but find their skin weakened by external and environmental factors.

Timeless Peel - $170
An age defying treatment with high does of Vitamin A and Lactic Acid, that stimulates collagen and elastin production and cell turnover. This treatment produces powerful results that may result in some mild flaking of the skin. Pigment, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and texture - be gone!

Detox Peel - $160
Repair and restore the skin with high doses of Vitamin A, Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid to purge impurities to reveal a smoother clearer complexion. This can be added as a additional spot treatment or used on a mild to moderate acne skin all over the surface of the congested area.

Epidermal Levelling - $90 (any add on + $50)
Epidermal Levelling is a gentle yet effective exfoliation technique. A fantastic alternative to microdermabrasion it involves using a skilled blading action, removing dead skin cells along with the soft vellus facial hair, leaving the skin feeling unbelievably soft with improved texture and clarity with no downtime. Not only is this treatment a stand alone treatment but it is sensational as a treatment booster. The removal of the top layer of dead skin cell build up allows for optimal product penetration for a peel or at home skin care. 

Collagen Induction Therapy - $230
CIT treatment is designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin in the skin. Through the use of micro needles it creates channels in the skin that are micro injuries which encourage the bodies natural wound healing responses to repair and remodel the skin, improving fine lines, wrinkles, refining pores, rejuvenates and tightens, reduces scarring from injury and acne, fades pigmentation and restores volume. For best results we advise a series of 4-6 treatments depending on the desired outcomes. 

Anti-wrinkle fillers - POA

Dermal fillers - POA




Eyebrow  Sculpt $32 (brows that are in need of a whole new look)

Eyebrow Tidy $22

Lip $18

Chin $18

Sides of Face $18

Full face $45

Full face with Eyebrow Tidy $63


Henna Brows $40

Henna brows and Eyebrow wax $55

Eyebrow tint $20

Eyelash Tinting $32



Put it all together.

Full face and Blow Wave

Full Face and Specialised Blow Wave

Full face and Hair Up

Full Face and Up Do

Full face and Fresh Style

Mini me complete (under 14 yrs)

Add lashes to any package

Make-up classes.

One-on-one classes

2-4 people classes

5-8 people classes

Come in and learn the tricks of the trade, tailored to you...
 Your skin, Your facial features, Your style. 



Wedding Ready.

Bridal makeup in Studio

Bridal hair in Studio
from $95

Bridal Party Makeup & Hair Package in Studio
from $210

Bridal Party Makeup & Hair Package on Location (out of Salon fee's may apply)
from $250



Let's Celebrate.

Celebrating more than just beautifying yourself. We can tailor a celebration package with one of our sister venues in Mordialloc for groups celebrating anything from Hen's Parties to a simple girls night out. 

Beauty and Bao @ Bang Bang. Bring the group into SoBo for a beauty treatment and head off to Bang Bang for a late lunch menu designed by head chef Dan Poyner. And yes bubbles will be involved. 

Design and DJ @ Side Street. Start in SoBo for a custom make-up treatment and head straight into a private area at Side Street to listen to DJ Peril on a Sat night. Yes dancing in mandatory. 

Custom and Cocktails @ Sunny Boy. Come down to SoBo to start the celebrations with a customised look for everyone attending and head straight over to SunnyBoy in a reserved lounge area to enjoy bespoke cocktails all afternoon (and hopefully all night!). 

Brunch and Beautify @ Main Street. Start your weekend off right with a quick beautify at SoBo followed by a reserved table at Main Street for a late brunch. Yes we do wine over brunch. 

Contact us on (03) 9588 1083 or enquiries@sobo3195.com.au so we can tailor any of these packages to your celebration. 


We also have Food & Refreshments available.
Our menu is available here