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  • Full Face:
  • Full Face + Lashes:
  • Eyes Only:
  • Eyes Only + Lashes:
  • Lashes Only:
  • Mini me make-up:
    (under 12 years, 15 min appointment)


At SoBo we offer one on one classes and group makeup lessons. We will teach you the SoBo go to techniques we have mastered and use regularly. We will conduct a thorough consult with you, work out what you would love to learn, chat about what products you are currently using (bring them in with you if you want!) and if we need to we will create a “wish list” of products from our favourite brands for you to invest in, to give you the ease and confidence of recreating what you learn in our lesson in your own home. We tailor this lesson to you- your skin, your face and eye shape, your lifestyle.
Sustainable Service Fee