Detox Cleanser


Charcoal Gel Cleanser

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Detox Cleanser is an exceptional exfoliating cleanser with Charcoal extracts for the ultimate purification of impurities in the skin. This cleanser is strong yet gentle, as it helps clear the bacteria and cleanse pores, it also delivers anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties to create balance and avoid any harsh forms of stripping or over exfoliation within the skin. Perfect for those more sensitive but congested skins.

Interesting Ingredients-

Activated Charcoal- helps clear bacteria and cleanse pores as it acts like a magnet to draw on impurities

Multi Fruit Acids- Aids in providing clarity and exfoliation

Organic Aloe- Potent anti-inflammatory

Vitamin B5- Revitalises skin cells

Tea Tree Oil- Antibacterial


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