Caviar Super Exfoliate


EGF Peptide + Caviar Lime + AHA Resurfacing Serum

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Caviar Super Exfoliate is a super sophisticated combination of EGF, with five fruit acids designed to work on exfoliating dead skin cells while allowing optimal nourishment of all key ingredients to be delivered where needed. This serum is perfect for those with dull, pigmented, congested skins who are in need of a gentle yet extremely effective form of exfoliation. Feel the build up on your skin melt away over night and wake up with soft, supple and brighter complexion.

Interesting Ingredients-

Australian caviar lime- Can assist in more significant cell turnover

Fruit acids AHA- Proven to help clear dead skin and brighten texture

Manuka honey- Used for its natural antibacterial properties

Oligopeptide 1 (EFG)- May accelerate the growth of skin cells

Tetrapeptide 30- Amino acid sequence that brightens and improves skin tone

Snap 8- Peptide for promoting smoother skin

Additional information

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